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5 Ways to Master Your Monthly Content Planning Process

If you always find yourself scrambling to create content then you NEED to start using this monthly content planning process. 

I’m going to walk you through the 5 steps I do at the beginning of every month.

Not only does it alleviate the stress of knowing what to post about, but it allows me to get ahead of schedule so I don’t feel frustrated with my content.

Step 1: Goals

Before I start the process of planning my content the very first thing I do is look at all of my sales events, important dates, launches and promotions. 

I want to make sure that the content I create aligns with my goals and I am not creating something just for the sake of showing up on a social media platform or posting something new on my blog.

Do not skip this step in the process. 

Your content is infused in everything you do so when you are planning you want to make sure it supports all of your sales activities. 

We go through different seasons in our businesses so it’s important that our content lines up with what we are doing. For example, you might be in a season of growth or launching a new product.

If so, your content would be different for those types of things. This is why I always start here when I am planning my content.

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