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Baby Shark Toys Gift Guide for Toddlers 2022 Edition

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You’ve heard the song. You’ve seen the video. Now, there’s a toy line to go with it.

If you have a baby shark fan in your house, you have two options. Try and find something new for your little one to obsess over (trust me, you can’t) or just go along for the ride.

Below are some of the best gifts for the baby shark fan in your life.

Baby Shark Bath Toys

Baby Shark Water Toys Bath Gifts

Enjoy playing and singing Baby Shark in the bath. This set of four squirters features Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark, Baby Shark, and William, the fish featured in Baby Shark. You can find it here on Amazon.

Baby Shark Crayon Wallet

For the baby shark on the go, check out this crayon wallet. Perfect for a set of eight crayons and some small pieces of paper for coloring. You can find it here on Etsy.

Baby Shark Dinner Set

Not only is this set cute, but it’s functional as well. The dinner set includes a plate, a bowl, a cup, a fork, and a spoon. It’s top-shelf dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easy. It is NOT microwaveable. You can find the complete set here on Amazon.

Baby Shark Felt Board Set

This set of felt board pieces includes the entire shark family, along with some “Doo, doo, doo” bubbles. Use the collection to tell your kids any number of stories. You can find it here on Etsy.

Crocheted Baby Shark Toys

sharks etsy

This cute crocheted baby shark is the perfect toy for your little one’s tiny hands. The shark is made to order and can be made with safety eyes (yarn eyes) instead of the bead ones. It’s great for young kids who already love the baby shark song. You can find it here on Etsy.

Seriously tell me those aren’t the cutest thing you’ve seen. I just bought two for stocking stuffers.

Baby Shark Fishing Game

This one’s for those slightly older baby shark fans. Pinkfong adds a new twist to the classic fishing game. Now, instead of fish, you’re using your rod and reel to pull in those baby sharks. This bright and vibrant game features Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark, and Baby Shark. You can find it here on Amazon.

Baby Shark Karaoke Sing Along Microphone

If your baby shark can’t help but sing along, then help him or her out! This karaoke sing along microphone has flashing lights to make that concert extra special. Parents will love the fact that the microphone is fake, so it’s not going to amplify the singing, just make it look cooler. You can find the microphone here on Amazon.

Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter

The Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter is at the top of Fatherly’s list of Baby Shark toys. When you place the shape into the proper spot, the character featured on the shape will sing his or her verse of the song. You can find it here on Amazon.

Baby Shark Sing-Along Sound Book

Why not give the gift of reading Baby Shark style? This sing-along book has the Baby Shark song along with nine other songs in the Baby Shark collection. That means your young one can discover other songs to love. You can find it here on Amazon.

Baby Shark Tablet

A tablet you feel safe letting your kiddo play with! Not only does the Baby Shark Tablet feature the full Baby Shark song, but it will also help your child learn his or her ABC’s and 123’s. You can find the Baby Shark Tablet here on Amazon.

Baby Shark Teether

What do you get for the little one that seems to have everything baby shark themed? A baby shark teether! This shark teether is made of food grade silicone and it’s dishwasher safe. You can find it here on Etsy.

Shark Bath Bomb

Okay, it’s not a baby shark, but it is a shark. The shark bath bomb is designed to make bath time tons of fun. The shark is a bath bomb that includes Vitamin E and natural aloe vera for soft skin as well as Epsom Salt for relaxing. Once the bath bomb dissolves, it reveals a shark toy that your kiddo can play with in the tub. You can find it here on Etsy.

Shark Push Toy

This cute push toy is made of beech and stained with a natural flax oil. It’s great for little ones. You can find it here on Etsy.

baby shark toys gifts

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