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Dynamic Pricing Tool Must-Haves for 2022

The Interface

Revenue management is a complicated matter, but that doesn’t mean the software has to be difficult to use. In fact, you want a tool that’ll give you time back in your day, not add to it. Here’s a shortlist of top user-friendly qualities to look for in your new dynamic pricing tool. 

Above all else, a dynamic pricing tool should be intuitive, integrative with your property management system (PMS), and able to provide the information you’re looking for in a digestible manner. That could look like dashboards that summarize information, robust filter options, and a resource library for additional information or assistance when needed.

  • As Few Clicks As Possible

Nothing sucks time out of a busy day like unnecessarily clicking around a tool, trying to input or retrieve information. So the best dynamic pricing tools have eliminated as many clicks as possible, making it easier to view listings, make decisions, and work efficiently. Any process that simplifies the management of a portfolio of properties, like manual adjustments options right on the home screen, is a godsend to a busy vacation rental manager.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your portfolio is—waiting for a page to load or scrolling for ages is enough to make any property manager want to chuck their computer across the room. So look for any dynamic pricing tools with quick page and data load times. And when you demo the product (which you should before you buy!), ask to see it handle a portfolio larger than yours. Because you have big dreams, and your tools should be able to scale with you. 



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