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Every Child Deserves a Family

Last month, I released my latest book, Things That Matter.

Minimalism, to me, has always been about living a focused, meaningful life—one that accomplishes the most good for the greatest number of people. Things That Matter is about living well and pursuing a life dedicated to meaningful pursuits—and allowing that pursuit to take you on journeys to places you never imagined.

For example, I never aspired to start a nonprofit organization. But living with intentionality and removing distractions allowed me to discover a need I could help address. A problem I could help solve.

I was able to focus on things that matter—like helping orphaned and vulnerable children around the world find the love of a family.

The Hope Effect

In 2016, with incredible support from the Becoming Minimalist community, we launched a nonprofit organization called The Hope Effect.

The mission of The Hope Effect is to change the way the world cares for orphans.

Millions of children around the world are growing up without parents. In many developing countries, orphans are raised in institutions—orphanages with a lot of children and a rotating staff of employees (exactly what most people think of when you hear the work orphanage).

Unfortunately, institutional care has damaging long-term effects on children and we’ve known that for decades. When children grow up in orphanages, they don’t receive the love, support and personal attention found within the family structure.

As a result, children’s physical, emotional, and psychological development are stunted and learning abilities are delayed or lost. Many children age out of orphanages only to face a future of crime, prostitution, or trafficking.

The studies are clear. Children do best when they are raised in families. 

That’s why The Hope Effect is working to change the way the world cares for orphans by providing loving family-style care around the world. We believe every child deserves a family.

Currently, we’re pioneering and expanding innovative family-style orphan care around the globe in several locations in Mexico, Honduras, and Thailand. Children are receiving the love, care, and individual attention they need in a stable, supportive family.

Through the love of a family, children like Luisa* have hope for a brighter future.

Luisa’s Story

Like many orphaned and vulnerable children, Luisa experienced tragedy and loss at a young age. Her mother passed away during childbirth, and Luisa went to live with her aunt in Sonora, Mexico.

Unfortunately, her aunt’s home was not a safe environment. Luisa was neglected and abandoned. She was found wandering the streets, alone and afraid.

The Sonoran government placed Luisa in an orphanage. While the orphanage was certainly safer than the streets of Mexico, as you can probably imagine, it was not equipped to help Luisa heal from the trauma of her past or learn what it means to be part of a family.

Thankfully, Luisa did not remain in the orphanage for long. Our team in Sonora was able to place Luisa in family-style care. There, she began to thrive. Luisa became more playful and talkative as she began to trust and bond with her foster family. She knew she was safe and loved.

Take a look at how this beautiful little girl’s life was changed:

Give Hope For One Dollar A Day

Incredibly, just one dollar a day is all it takes to help a child like Luisa find a family. To get a child out of an orphanage and into loving family-style care. To give a child hope for the future.

May is National Foster Care Month, and I’d be honored if you would partner with us in this important work by joining our Dollar A Day Team. Your support will change the lives of children around the world.

Additionally, in honor of National Foster Care Month, one of our generous supporters is matching the donations of the first 50 people who join the team… for the entire first year!

The Hope Effect is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax-deductible within the U.S. And because we know you want your donation to be used for the reason it was given, you can choose to direct 100% of your gift for orphan care work. Every dollar you give will be used directly to help orphaned children find loving families.

Thank you so much for supporting the mission and passion of The Hope Effect over the years. You are changing so many lives. Together, we are changing the way the world cares for orphans.

*The child’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.



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