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June’s Favorite 5 – Favorite Running Essentials

Maggie’s Favorite 5

Maggie’s an avid marathon runner, so we asked her to recommend her favorite running gear. These are Maggie’s Favorite 5 Amazon finds if you’re just starting to run, or are just looking for something new!

*Reminder: availability is subject to change without notice. *

  1. Shorts – I have these running shorts in every color and besides the soft, quick dry fabric, I LOVE the zip pocket to securely hold my phone, keys, etc while I run.

2. Shockz Headphones – These are the ONLY headphones I wear during my workouts now. Because they work via bone conduction, they do not actually go in or cover your ears which is fantastic because they stay in place while in motion AND you can still hear what is going on around you which is amazing when you are working out outside.

3. Hydration Pack – Being in Florida, hydration is always the top priority and this is by far my favorite hydration pack on the go. Not only does it give the ability to comfortable carry water, but also includes additional storage for phone, keys, fuel, etc.

4. Cooling Towels – Ever since receiving one after my first half marathon, I always have one of these soaking in ice water while I run to be ready for a literal cooldown afterward. After longer training sessions, I always feel so much better the rest of the day when I take the time to apply one of these to my neck while cooling down and stretching.

5. Oofos Sandals – After long training sessions my feet are DONE with shoes, but these Oofos flip flops are a GAME CHANGER. The technology reduces the stress on your feet, joints, and back making way for comfort and support even after my longest training runs. These are every bit as important to me now as my running shoes and make ALL the difference!

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