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Prepping For Higher Food Prices

This is an older article that I published in 2012 (before we had children!) but the ideas are still helpful and relevant today. Enjoy!

Practical ways for preparing for higher food prices

A while back I posted a news article on the LHL Facebook page that talked about the coming price increases for groceries over the next year. In case you missed it, the article talked about a possible 40% increase in food prices over the next year as a result of the current drought.

Prepping for Higher Food Prices

40% is alot!

If you pay any kind of attention to grocery prices (and most frugal shoppers do or should!) then you know that prices have already been increasing. Maybe you’ve already had to increase your grocery budget or at least start looking for alternatives for some products.

I know over the last year we’ve had to increase our grocery budget from $100 a month to about $150 to $200 a month. (Note…this article was from pre-children and 10 years ago!) Here are some tips that we’ve already put into practice that might help!

Feel free to shout out your tips in the comments, we have to work together to come out on top of this!

Canning Jars

1. Learn to preserve.

Most people are nervous about this if they’ve never done it before but I’m here to tell you it’s no big deal! Yes, it does take some work and you might have to learn some new skills, but it’s so worth it in the long run! Learn to dehydrate, water and pressure can, and freeze. These skills will help you be able to purchase items in bulk and not have to eat them all instantly!

Check out my page on Canning and Preserving here. Here are also some tips on dealing with the Canning Lid Shortage if you are concerned with that.


2. Try different shopping techniques.

I used to think I was totally good to go as long as I knew how to coupon. Unfortunately, due to too many people abusing the couponing systems, coupons aren’t really a thing anymore. You can find some coupons on store apps, but not many. Learn to shop in different ways such as taking advantage of loss leaders, shopping farmer’s marketsmeal planning, buying in bulk, growing a garden, and more.

You also might want to check out my post on How To Get Groceries for Free.

Healthy Foods on a Budget

3. Adjust your budget to provide more for groceries.

I’m not saying that you should just give up, but I also don’t think that we should live under the illusion that we will always be able to keep our budgets in the same amount as prices increase. As I mentioned above, we’ve had to re-arrange our budget over the last year to keep up with higher food prices and a different style of eating. Just take a peek at your budget and see if you have an extra $25 or $50 you can spare in another category to put aside for your grocery category.

I also have an article on 12 Ways to Save More On Groceries here!

price increases

4. Just say no to the extras. 

Do you really need that box of Twinkies? They may taste good in the moment but think about all the other things you could buy with that $3 you just spent on a box. Through my co-op I can use that$3 to buy 4lbs of oats, 5lbs of sea salt, or a package of lettuce for salads for a whole week.

When every penny counts you have to make the most of your budget and there isn’t room for “extras”! You might be thinking that this way of shopping might make you feel deprived (the same way as putting no “misc” cash in your budget will do), but that’s not the case here. Create new treats and snacks with what you can afford in your budget.

I have a huge list of homemade Snacks and Treats here! It’s fun to experience on how to make things from scratch.

5. Don’t rely on prepping.

Another train of thought on this subject might be to stock up on everything now to get you through the “dry” time. In theory, that’s a great idea for a few months and I always recommend keeping a stockpile on hand of at least 3 months of food.

However, I don’t feel like we should be dependent on our stockpiles to get us through until prices become better. For one, we don’t know when prices will become better (if they ever will!). It could be a matter of months, it could be years! Ultimately we need to learn to live self sufficiently no matter what’s going on and we have to do that by adapting to the situation, never thinking we can be fully prepped for anything.

Ok so it’s your turn now…share your best tips for preparing for higher grocery prices!

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