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What Is an Evergreen Sales Funnel (and How to Build One)

Once someone has opted in for this particular lead magnet they are given the opportunity to enroll in a mini-course I have to take it a step further.

At the time of writing this, I have a 7% conversion rate of brand new people (cold leads) who purchase this offer from me right after they’ve opted in for my lead magnet.

This limited-time offer is similar to a tripwire.

It is an optimized offer to help my audience and the mini-sales page is full of social proof, testimonials and the right messaging for cold leads. You will need to have some kind of cart or checkout process in place for this to work. 

🔥 Email sequence

This isn’t just any old email sequence, but a strategic process that will convert the people who didn’t buy your one-time offer further down in their journey with you.

You don’t have to use expensive software or have a million different moving parts in your funnel. 

It can be a simple system that works in the background of your business so that you are making sales and can focus your time and attention on other things you need to work on.

I truly believe that every blogger and online business owner needs an evergreen funnel as one of their revenue streams.

It allows you to leverage all the amazing content you have created while giving your ideal customer what they need.

You can easily set up this automated sequence in your email service provider like (affiliate link —>) Convertkit, MailChimp, or I use Karta. This means any new subscriber who opts in for your freebie can go through this automated email sequence or even a webinar funnel depending on how you set it up. 

Your email sequence can be as long or as short as you want it to be. I normally create funnel sequences anywhere between 5-12 days long. This way I can spend some time warming up the new leads that did not purchase my limited time offer.

Once you have your evergreen sales funnel set up and working you will need to focus on the traffic source you will use to fuel your funnel.

There are plenty of ways to get in front of your ideal audience so you need to pick what works for you. 

  • Will you focus on SEO to rank in Google to drive traffic through your funnel?

  • Will you run Facebook ads?

  • Will you share it on social media as your call to action?

  • What platform does your audience hand out on?

  • Will you link to it in a blog post or all of your new content? This is perfect to add to evergreen blog content.

  • Will you do partnerships to get people into your funnel?

  • Will you choose other paid traffic sources?

💥This is where I say the fun starts!

You get to start tracking your leads and sales and making the updates needed to increase your conversion rates.

As I mentioned above, it is NOT a set it and forget it strategy. You still need to devote time and energy to making the funnel the best it can be. You want it to be a good experience for your leads too. 

When you do it right though, you can uplevel your business without working more hours (you just have to put in the work upfront!).

If you are ready to build out your evergreen sales funnel to leverage the content and products you have created and need some help you can apply to join me in Content to Cash Formula. Learn more about it here.



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